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Demo is not installing



Is it only on my PC or your GroupDocs.Conversion demo is not installing anywhere?



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. You are the first who faced with such issue. Please provide more info about it: which OS version you use, what error you get etc.

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I am using windows 10, I installed GroupDocs.Comparison demos successfully but this coversion file is not installing

the name of the file is
GroupDocs.Total_Samples (and i downloaded it from here
Attached is the error information



Thank you for the details. By using this link theGroupDocs.Conversion_1.9.0_Samples.msi will be downloaded, please check if you have this file downloaded. Please share with us with which file exactly you have this issue, please share it’s full name with extension.

Thank you.


I downloaded this file


The link you sent me it’s different, let me try it.