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Difference between Annotations and Viewer


I had a conversation with the live chat team today and I had a question that they couldn’t answer so he asked me to redirect it to the forums.

For what the live chat told me the Annotations Component do contain “viewer” capabilities, but there seems to be like limited capabilities of it.

I do wonder what are the rough differences between the Annotations and Viewer components besides the obvious Annotations.

Can you guys provide some sort of table with a comparison of the capabilities of both components so I can decide which one would be perfect for my business model?

Hello Elio,

Thank you for the question. Unfortunately we don’t have such comparing table. The main different between these two libraries is that that the Annotation allows you to annotate, add collaborators (also manage collaborators rights), comment annotations etc. Also the Annotation require DataBase to store annotations and collaborators, more info about DB you can find here.

The Viewer allows you only to view the document. In same time the Viewer has JavaScript methods and events - annotation doesn’t have them. Also Viewer has two rendering modes HTML based and Image based. In the HTML based mode the Viewer control will represent the pages of documents as HTML and show them in browser; in image based, the Viewer control will represent the pages of documents as JPEG images and show them in browser.

Best regards.