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Difference between document comparison detail levels in .NET


I was not able to find any documentation on the difference between the comparison levels? Could you point me to this information?




Thank you for your inquiry. GroupDocs.Comparison (back-end API) allows documents comparison detail level settings. Can you please tell for which platform (.Net or Java) you are evaluating the API? Also share version of the API you integrated.
However, we are sharing documentation links for both platforms for your convenience. Let us know if you require any further information.

Thank you - We are using .Net and the latest version.

The second link is not working. Is this the correct link?


Please try again and let me know if you face same issue again. You can also visit complete comparison settings article here.

Thank you. It works now.

However, it is still not clear to be what is behind the Low, Middle and Height level. As I understand the difference is in comparison on word or character level, but what is actually being compared?
Is formatting? such as:
Font type change?
Font style change?
Font size change?
Font color change?
Alignment change?
Line Spacing change?

Furthermore, can I define what I want to compare between to docs and create selector in UI for it? Such as:
Compare headers (Yes/No)
Compare footers (Yes/No)
Compare tables (Yes/No)



We are collecting more details on it.

We logged this scenario as an investigation in our internal issue tracking system with ID:COMPARISONNET-1505. As we have any update on it, we shall notify you.

Thank you for quick response.


You are welcome.


Please note that the API compares all the text styles you mentioned earlier for all detail levels (Height/Middle/Low). The Style Comparer activates by setting variable StyleChangeDetection to true state.
As we have any update on COMPARISONNET-1505, we shall notify you.


Is it possible to get a complete list of what text styles is actually compared? I don’t think my list covers everything.

Looking forward to the update on COMPARISONNET-1505


We shall share a list of text styles with you that API supports and updates on COMPARISONNET-1505 ASAP.


Please see the list of text styles that are actually compared by the API.

Thank you, much appriciated.


You’re welcome.


Regarding your issue COMPARISONNET-1505.
You can get an array with all the changes by invoking method GetChanges() from ICompareResult interface. After this you can either Accept or Reject these changes by index as shown in the code sample below:

Comparer comparer = new Comparer();
ICompareResult result = comparer.Compare(sourcePath, targetPath, settings);
ChangeInfo[] changes = result.GetChanges();
changes[changeIndex].Action = ComparisonAction.Reject;

You can also get any needed information from ChangeInfo properties like:

  • Id of change
  • Type of change
  • Area of change
  • Text value of change
  • Style changes
  • Authors
  • NodeType or NodePosition

Hope it will help.