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Digital Signature details in PDF using .NET


I am working on Digital Signature Print in PDF in that I am using Digital Certificate. I am using GroupDocs.Signature. When I open signed PDF then its showing Digital Signed by field with so many details like Email, Country, and other details also. But I want to show just the name of certificate owner and not the other details.
Please assist how to do.

Thanks in Advance

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Can you please further elaborate your use-case? If you want to control or set signing options then have a look at this documentation article. You can set DigitalSignOption properties as per your requirements.

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When I open my signed pdf, digital signature shows as below:

Digitally signed by ‘E = moriarty@ex.ex,CN = ProfJamesMoriarty,O = ProfMoriarty,C = AS’
Date: 2020.7.27 17:35:10 +05:30
Reason: Sign
Contact:John Smith

So this Digitally signed by ‘E = moriarty@ex.ex,CN = ProfJamesMoriarty,O = ProfMoriarty,C = AS’ becomes long string which doesn’t fit in my pdf, So I just want to display only name i.e: ProfJamesMoriarty as eg:

Digitally signed by ‘CN = ProfJamesMoriarty’

Please assist how to achieve this.

Thanks In Advance


Please share sample code that you are using to add digital signature in a PDF. If possible, you can share source PDF, output PDF and digital certificate.

Hello Sir,

Thanks for reply.

Please find attached sample Code, PDF Doc, Certificate and Output PDF.

Also I want to change Font Color which is in blue to black.

Please suggest.

Regards, (241.6 KB)



We are investigating this scenario with ticket ID SIGNATURENET-2973. You will be notified as there’s any update.


Signature text cannot be customized, because it is constructed automatically. The one possible way is to use digital certificate without owner email which is placed before owner name.
Look at the example PDF.pdf (172.1 KB) file signed with such a certificate.
Also there is the screnshot reveals difference between certificates. You can check certificate properties in the Microsoft Management Control (mmc.exe).


In upcoming API release (20.10), we will implement full customization of PDF Digital Signature appearance where you will be able to customize all labels (same as switched them off - make invisible):

  • Digitally signed by
  • Date:
  • Reason:
  • Location:
  • Contact:

All labels mentioned above will be customized if needed or could be disabled. As release gets on-board, we’ll notify you.