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Digital Signature details in PDF using .NET


I am working on Digital Signature Print in PDF in that I am using Digital Certificate. I am using GroupDocs.Signature. When I open signed PDF then its showing Digital Signed by field with so many details like Email, Country, and other details also. But I want to show just the name of certificate owner and not the other details.
Please assist how to do.

Thanks in Advance

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Can you please further elaborate your use-case? If you want to control or set signing options then have a look at this documentation article. You can set DigitalSignOption properties as per your requirements.

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When I open my signed pdf, digital signature shows as below:

Digitally signed by ‘E = moriarty@ex.ex,CN = ProfJamesMoriarty,O = ProfMoriarty,C = AS’
Date: 2020.7.27 17:35:10 +05:30
Reason: Sign
Contact:John Smith

So this Digitally signed by ‘E = moriarty@ex.ex,CN = ProfJamesMoriarty,O = ProfMoriarty,C = AS’ becomes long string which doesn’t fit in my pdf, So I just want to display only name i.e: ProfJamesMoriarty as eg:

Digitally signed by ‘CN = ProfJamesMoriarty’

Please assist how to achieve this.

Thanks In Advance


Please share sample code that you are using to add digital signature in a PDF. If possible, you can share source PDF, output PDF and digital certificate.

Hello Sir,

Thanks for reply.

Please find attached sample Code, PDF Doc, Certificate and Output PDF.

Also I want to change Font Color which is in blue to black.

Please suggest.

Regards, (241.6 KB)



We are investigating this scenario with ticket ID SIGNATURENET-2973. You will be notified as there’s any update.