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Disable Excel Gridlines in .NET using C#


I have an example excel file. Gridlines are closed in the contents of my Excel file. When I try to view this file with Groupdoc Viewer, the grid lines appear.

Excel - 1 Screenshot > Test excel file.
Excel - 2 Screenshot > Groupdoc Viewer

Excel - 1.PNG (32.8 KB)
Excel - 2.PNG (24.4 KB)

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This issue is not reproduced using latest version of the API (v19.12). However, we have logged a request on GitHub to upgrade showcase project to the latest version. Please keep track of this link for further correspondence. As there is any update, we’ll notify you here as well.


The issue has been fixed. Please pull latest commit from master branch.
Please note that option ‘showGridLines’ has value ‘true’ by default in the configuration.yml file.