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DLL reference problems when using Groupdocs.Comparison with Aspose DLLs


In our project we have references to both Groupdocs.Comparison and Aspose components, such as Aspose.Words. We currently have the problem that the references cannot be resolved correctly, as Comparison use other versions of the Aspose components than the ones we are using. This seem to have the effect that the PDF we generate from the difference result of the Comparsion component turns out partly corrupted, with words overlaying eachother.

My question is how I am supposed to use GroupDocs and Aspose components together, without having to reference exact version when using Aspose, and being able to use different versions of Aspose components than the Comparison component is using.



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Could you please share with us versions of the Groupdocs.Comparison and Aspose components. Then we will be able to update the Aspose libraries in the Comparison.

Thank you.


I don’t think that will solve our problems, as we sometimes need to update our components independently of each other. If for example there is a bug fix we need in an Aspose component we want to update that as quickly as possible, but that wont be possible then if the Comparison component hasn’t released a version using the Aspose version we need.


Hello again

We might need the solution you proposed temporarily after all, until the issue is resolved. We are using the latest versions of the Aspose components.



Thank you for coming back. We have created a bug ticket and our product team will check and resolve this issue. The ticket attached to this thread and you can check it’s status.

When the issue will be resolved you will be notified here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Scratch that request, seems like this problem existed for us with Aspose Words before we introduced the comparison component. The problem with conflicting Aspose versions remain though.


The problem are worse now since we updated other Aspose components. Now the comparison will throw an exception that it cannot find the version of Aspose.Cells that it is expecting, which seems to depend on which order the dlls loaded. This mean that the comparison will fail randomly. Do you have an update on this issue? I can’t seem to access the ticket you are mentioning, I guess it’s in “related”, but the loading just finish with a “Could not load data” error.



We are really sorry that you have such issue. The issue is fixed and the new version of the Comparison with this fix will be released soon.

We will notify you when it will be available.

Best regards.


Do you have a release date for the new version? Also, if possible could you send us an early build of the new version? We are releasing a new version in a few days, and need this problem solved.



Sorry but according on our support polices I can’t share any date. Also we doesn’t provide pre-release versions.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Is it not even possible to get an estimate on month or quarter basis?



I can only say that it will be in a few days maybe a week.

Best regards.