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Do you have the related source code

We like what wee at

That is exactly we want! Thumbnail on the left and the full image on the right!

Do you have the related source code for this?

If we can do this, I think we will buy the product!

Thank you!

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Thank you for your request. To embed the GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud service into your web page use this button and copy the iframe code. For more info please investigate our documentation for how to integrate the GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud service into your application here.

Best regards.

I did not get what you say. I clicked the “this button” and “here”. I do not understand your idea.

Ispent some time on your fron-end MVC sample code. I have to say that is not what we want and it is not the same as what we see from your nice demo at
Here is what I want.
Since I am not familiar with web application, I took a couple of days to check Microsoft’s MVC sample code before I jumped into your sample code of ASP.net_MVC_front_end for document viewer.
I successfully built the sample code. I have to say what I see is not what we want! Your back-end API is not bad. But front-end is not what we see in your web site: This demo has everything we want!!!
We like the list of files found in our system or added from our system or added by web url. Also after a file is opened, we like the thumbnail image for each page on the left and the full image on the right. We can scroll the pages. We can add files from our system and url file from web.
I have not tried other features. I assume they are OK.

Do you have the sample code behind the demo You must have it!
If yes, I think we are in business! Please send reply back to us ASAP.


Thank you for coming back. The sample which you see on the is a Cloud based GroupDocs.Viewer.
We have two variants of it:
1. Cloud based - all documents should be uploaded to our server and to integrate it to your application you just need to follow steps that I described previously.
2. Stand a lone GroupDocs.Viewer - stand a lone library (dll) which you can install to your application and view files stored on your local. To run and use this library in your application you will need to create a front-end by your self. Also the sample project which you downloaded is created to demonstrate this library usage.

Summarizing: We have two variants of the GroupDocs.Viewer and you should decide which one is most suitable for you. In case of using the Cloud version you will need to upload all files which you want to view to our server. In case of using stand a lone version you will need to code it manually as shown in the example project but you will get much more flexibility and possibility to view files stored on your server.

The Cloud version doesn’t have open source code - the only thing that you should do to integrate it is to embed the iframe as I described in the previous post. For how to integrate it and how it will look like you can check this live demo

Best regards.

It seems that I need to look at your cloud based Document viewer.

Since you mentioned “iFrame” twice, so I clicked “the button” in your previous post and got lightshot page. It looks like lightshot also used your document viewer (GroupDoc.viewer) in their web application.
So I viewed its page source and got a .js file. How do I copy the iframe code from it? It seems that this file has no newline or linebreak.
I am wondering if there is a tool to parse each line into a readable version.
I will check the sample in sample-9 to see how to do it.
Many thanks!


Thank you for coming back. Yes, please investigate the sample-9 and if you will have more questions - feel free to contact us.

Best regards.