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Document annotation demo project in .NET

Yesterday i downloaded the latest copy of In the annotation page i noticed following issues:

  1. Page movement through navigation links is not working properly. 1st to 2nd page movement is OK but from there on have to click twice to move to next page. This only happens if zoom percentage is more then 100%.
  2. On scrolling of pages the page number displayed on header doesn’t works if zoom level is <=100%.
  3. I added one annotation and clicked on “Save” icon. It got saved also as i got the popup message. Then i tried to use the “Download Annotated” option. The file got downloaded but without annotation.
  4. Even print with annotation option is not working.
  5. In configuration.yml when i set “preloadPageCount: 1” and “fitWidth: false” in annotation section still after every page load of document the fitwidth is working and my zoom percentage increases to more then 100%.

I have tested all the above points with a multi-page tiff document. But i think the same issues will be there for other document types also.

This is the second year we have renewed our licenses but still i am only able to use only the viewer product, as we never got a perfectly working copy of annotation sample demo.



We are not able to reproduce this issue. Please make sure you downloaded the latest commit and license is properly applied.
Below are the investigation outcomes:

  • We used this tiff file. Its a 10 paged multitiff
  • Opened tiff file in the application
  • Changed zoom level to 100+ and tried to move to the next page(s). Please see this output.JPG (158.5 KB). We successfully changed pages (1 to 2 and so on) in single clicks.
  • Annotation was added and saved successfully
  • Downloaded the annotated file, see this screenshot.JPG (196.9 KB)

However, there is just one issue that appears at the time of print and we’ve logged that. This issue is about wrong print layout and somehow source file disappears from directory. We’ve logged this issue here.