Document Annotation With Native Mobile Apps



I would like to inquire about embedding GroupDocs annotation features in mobile app, with below notes:

  1. Open GroupDocs inside the App it self not in a browser.
  2. Ability to annotate documents in offline mode.
  3. Ability to custom the annotation privacy with specific users according to the business needs.




Thanks for your inquiry. We are investigating your scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is ANNOTATIONJAVA-1123. As we have any update, we’ll notify you.


Dear Sami.

Any updates regarding my ticket.?




We’re investigating this scenario and will surely update you, as we have any further update on it. Your patience in this regard will be appreciated.



We have investigated your particular scenario and have an update on it. You can use Annotation functionality inside your mobile app by invoking public API methods of GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud API. But you can’t do this in offline mode. Please raise your queries here, for further assistance on GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud API.