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Document comparison API integration with SharePoint using .NET


i have downloaded the sample demo application from below url

It cant find the Groupdocs.Web.UI.Comparison; dll. How can i run and test the example ?
I have to integrate group doc comparision with sharepoint. Files will be compared from sharepoint document library. is this possible ?


Sorry but the project you downloaded is now obsolete.
We released next generation GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET API that is totally UI independent. Learn more about environment and installation details here.
This API can be integrated in any .NET application without platform or any third party tool dependency.
Now document comparison is way simpler.

//Source and target files to be compared
string source = @"source.docx";
string target = @"target.docx";
Comparer comparer = new Comparer();
//Compare two documents
ICompareResult result = comparer.Compare(source, target, new ComparisonSettings());

We also have some useful resources for you:

Thanks for your feedback. I download next generation GroupDocs.Comparison prject also but i cant find the developer license. where i can find the developer licence and test it ?

The component which is present in the picture at below link

is it also available in next generation GroupDocs.Comparison ?

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You can request a temporary license in order to evaluate showcase or the API features/functionalities. We offer a temporary license that is actually a time-restricted full license here.
Please follow the wizard and on step 5 you can request a temporary license. Moreover, you can also get help from this document - (152.9 KB)

Front-end is not exactly like this one. This is how modern UI looks like - inserted-deleted content.JPG (45.3 KB) and comparison summary.JPG (39.9 KB).