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Document comparison demo project in .NET Web Forms

Both Annotation and Viewer have webforms examples. Is there an equivalent Comparison example as well? Please let me know where I can download it.





Thank you for your inquiry.

Currently only GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 'MVC front-end is available, however we are also in development process of ‘WebForm’ based front-end, once we have this in our showcases, we will inform you here.

Thank you for your patience.

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I am working on upgrading to the latest and we are using three of your products (Annotation, Viewer, and Compare). We are using ASP.NET webforms. Is it possible to only upgrade Annotation and Viewer?

Or what are our options for upgrades on all of these products?



GroupDocs Next Generation APIs are UI-Less and frame work independent . Therefore you can use our APIs in any supported technology and front-end. GroupDocs is providing front-end examples to explain how user can implement our APIs functionalities in their own application or use/modify the our examples as per their own requirements.

Web-forms based examples are available for GroupDocs.Annotation and GroupDocs.Viewer only. Currently you can use only these front-ends if you want to go with Annotation and Viewer, web-forms based examples are available to guide you further and Comparison front-end is under development . However if you want to implement Annotation, Viewer and Comparison in a single front-end using GroupDocs example you have to wait for it, we have already forwarded your request for feasibility to the example/source code team. Once we have any update regarding this, we will inform you here.

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