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Document comparison issue in .NET MVC


I’ve puchased recently the GroupDocs.Total and I started to test the Comparasion a few days ago, however, I had two major problems with the example and one with it-self, that has been holding me back from implementing it properly.

Firstly, the boxes that should highlight the text and objects of the comparasion are mispositioned (attachment 1 and 2).

Secondly, I wasn’t able to find the source-code of the UI (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), could you guys help me with it? The only front-end code that I found at the folder “client” was the configuration ones, which makes it almost impossible to work with the compiled one, that is located at the “Resources”.

Lastly, is it possible to translate or localize the UI and the “Summary Page”? I really need to be able to use others languages like spanish and portuguese, however, by looking at the documentation I wasn’t able to find anything.

Thank you,
Fermin Piccolo.

Broken boxes:
Screenshot_63 - Copia.jpg (147.2 KB)
Screenshot_64 - Copia.png (146.8 KB)

Used files:
Files (1.6 MB)

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Please have a look at this output file - (98.9 KB) that we got after comparing two DOCX files you’ve shared. Is this the right output that you are expecting? We compared the source and target files using API version 20.3.1.

We only have MVC and Web Forms UI projects and they implement Angular JS within.
Can you please share following details:

  1. API version that you are using (e.g. 19.10, 20.2, 20.3.1)
  2. Sample application

Please tell which UI project you are using?

Hi, thanks for answering me!

The output file is just right, what isn’t okay is the output showed by the web project GroupDocs.Comparison-for-.NET-MVC, which I’ve been using the latest version.

And to be more clear, I want to use this demo as a kick-off template to implement the GroupDocs.Comparasion at my business projects, thus this is why I really need this working as well, to modify and make it work as part of my business.

I’m using the MVC one (latest version) only. As the Demo didn’t worked as intended, I didn’t tested in a real project of mine yet.

I’m attaching more files with a pdf and videos showing the project running with all the information that you need.

Thank you,
Fermin Piccolo. (3.3 MB)


Thanks for sharing the details. We have logged this issue on GitHub. It’ll be further investigated and fixed. You can keep track of this link. However, as there’s any update, you’ll be notified here as well.

OK, thank you @atirtahir3!

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You’re welcome.


Please clone or download the updated version of Comparison application, we’ve fixed this issue. Take a look at this issue/ticket.