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Document Comparison Issue in .NET


We are from anju software and we are using Groupdocs Doc Compare but we are not getting accurate results while matching two documents…
Below sent a screenshot regarding issue…
Kindly Look at it.

Anju Software
Capture.PNG (59.5 KB)


We are sorry for your inconvenience. We will appreciate it if you please share some more details about the issue. Are you getting this issue against all the document or some specific documents? Furthermore, please confirm your groupdocs app account email id, so we will further investigate the issue and guide you accordingly.

We have compared small document with minor changes and tried another document with some more changes but we couldn’t able to get accurate match.If we click on result tab we can get modified list but we cannot able to point to exact location where that changes is getting affected…


Thanks for your feedback. We will appreciate it if you please share your source and target word documents here as a zip file and also confirm which API version or App you are using for the comparison. We will look into it and will update you.

Attatched Project and pdf of doc files and i have modified some content in doc files so please check it and we cannot able to point the changes if we click on text deleted or text added in result tab so Kindly provide a solution to the issue we are facing…

doc2.pdf (232.9 KB)
doc1.pdf (233.5 KB)
doc2.pdf (233 KB)
doc1.pdf (234 KB)


We are investigating this at our end. You’ll be update soon.
Meanwhile, can you please try to evaluate this scenario by applying a license? The good thing is, you can request a temporary license here. This (152.9 KB) may help you in getting the temporary license.


This issue is logged on GitHub. Please keep track of this link. We’ll also notify you here, as there is any update.

Facing issue in Console application which i downloaded from github ,cannot able to run application.If i run the application it will close without any error…Kindly provide a proper solution.

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Please share API (e.g. 19.5, 19.6) version that you integrated in the console application?

Can you please elaborate this? Do you mean visual studio crashes or the console output screen? Moreover, do you get the output file in the OutputFiles folder?

API version is 4.0.30319.1

Visual studio do not crash and Console output screen comes and disappears immediately without any error.


Please use latest version of GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET that is 19.6.
If issue persists, you have to share your console project with us.


This issue is fixed. Please download and compile/run latest commit.

I have created Groupdocs application using web for Comparing doc Files,I cannot able to render the compared doc file to the Web page .Kindly give me a solution as soon as possible and i have sent my project link Please download it.

Project Link


We tried to run the project you shared. It was build successfully without any error. But nothing is rendered in browser (browser’s console is also clear). Please see this screenshot.png (88.0 KB). Can you please share the steps in order to run application successfully?

Secondly, did you try this project? Issue that you reported earlier was fixed.

We need to know what are the steps to be followed to render compared doc file on web form.I have Compared doc file and stored doc file in “DocumentSamples” folder and Converted the result object using JsonConvert.DeserializeObject() method but we don’t know how to use result object and display that compared file on web page kindly help me so that we can complete full workflow …

We are waiting for your Quick Response .Please Provide a solution to us we have some emergency to finish the project.


One of the possible way is to save comparison result in the form of images in your local directory and then render output images in browser.
You can set source, target, result and savePath.

Comparer comparer = new Comparer();
ComparisonSettings cs = new ComparisonSettings();
cs.StyleChangeDetection = true;
//compare document
ICompareResult result = comparer.Compare(sourcePath, targetPath, cs);
//get list of pages
List<PageImage> resultImages = comparer.ConvertToImages(resultPath);
//save them as bitmap to separate folder
if (!Directory.Exists(savePath + @"/Result Pages")) 
   Directory.CreateDirectory(savePath + @"/Result Pages");
foreach (PageImage image in resultImages)
     Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(image.PageStream); 
     bitmap.Save(savePath + @"/Result Pages/result_" + image.PageNumber + ".png"); 

If you implement the above code, output will be stored in two forms:

  • Output with actual format (e.g. pdf or docx)
  • In the form of images at specified path

What you have to do is to get those images in a list and display on web page. You will see this kind of output.JPG (15.4 KB)

We Have applied licence and comparing two documents but in the compared file we are getting half compared file kindly help this issue, we have uploaded two documents for comparing.

Please download the project from below link and change the source folderPath,sourceFile and targetFile file value in web.config.

folderPath :- The path where you placed the file which needs to be comapred

sourceFile :- Document1

targetFile :- Document2
Document1.pdf (98.5 KB)
Document2.pdf (592.9 KB)


We created a new thread on your behalf. Your query will be assisted here.

Created Project on Groupdocs word compare,I,m facing problem in highlighting changes in the document kindly help to solve this issue.We need this project to be completed soon …Attatched Project Link please download it.