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Document conversion and showing in viewer sample application ASP.NET_MVC_FRONT_END

When I select a document from the file list and click it, I think the document is converted to HTML or Image, in thumbnail and full page.

Is this conversion being processed page by page in sequence?
From what we see it seems that it is not in sequence or not in order.

We had a meeting today. I provided a demo to show our management what I have.
In the meeting we discussed what we see. One of our requirement is we want to convert and show the first page first for each document and also in sequence for the rest of pages. This is especially true for a big multiple page document.
In our product line, an user will normally get a list of documents. when he preview or view the document, by mouse move over or by clicking, he should see the first or second page in thumbnail and then decide what he need to do next. He can not wait for all the pages finished and then decide what he should do.

We want to make sure the process is working in this way.

Hi Yuan,

Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

Yes, GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET renders the document pages in order i-e from page-1 to page-N. Similarly, the ASP.NET_MVC_FRONT_END application displays the rendered pages in the same fashion. Furthermore, in HTML based rendering, you can set preloadPagesCount in JavaScript parameters i-e preloadPagesCount: 2. For instance, preloadPagesCount is set to 2, the API will render only first 2 pages of the document and display them in the viewer whereas, rest of the pages will be rendered and displayed as you scroll down in the viewer. However, preloadPagesCount feature is not valid for the thumbnails.

In case you would have any confusions, please feel free to let us know.

Have a nice weekend ahead.
Warm Regards