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Document conversion error in Java


While performing conversion we are getting below error via spring boot. But when the same code is executed as standalone able to perform conversion

We have temporary licence
image.png (4.3 KB)


As per the error, it seems that the license file is invalid. Could you please share your license in a private message? We’ll then further look into this scenario.

conversion.7z (1019 Bytes)

Hi. Thanks, I am co-coordinating with my team for .lic file . Have attached logs fyr

But not sure how come standalone java class is able to convert but returns ‘could not initialize …’ exception via spring boot quartz application .

We also tried without using licence , the same exception is thrown

GroupDocs.Conversion.Java.lic.7z (829 Bytes)


Please try our Spring application. Let us know if issue persists. However, in order to reproduce this issue, we need your application (or you can create a new project using that issue could be reproduced). We’ll appreciate your cooperation in this regard.