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Document conversion issue on WebSphere administration server using Java


I have an application that depends on the GroupDocs.Conversion 3.0.0 API. The application runs with no issues on a localized WebSphere Liberty Profile. However, when I deploy it to a full-fledged WebSphere Administration Server, my application crashes the server every time I try to run it. We are currently evaluating GroupDocs for a large purchase and we think it has great promise if we can get this issue fixed.

Here is the relevant piece of code from my application:

License lic = new License();


ConversionHandler conversionHandler = new ConversionHandler(new ConversionConfig());

PdfSaveOptions saveOptions = new PdfSaveOptions();


IOUtils.copy(conversionHandler.convert(file.getInputStream(), file.getFieldName(), saveOptions).toInputStream(), response.getOutputStream());

I've attached the relevant error logs and heap dumps. If anyone could provide any assistance at all, this would be great.



Thank you for using Next Generation GroupDocs.Conversion for Java and posting your query.

We have logged this issue in our internal issue tracking system with the ID: CONVERSIONJAVA-202.
As we’ll get any update from the concerned team, we’ll notify you.

Please stay tuned.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CONVERSIONJAVA-202) have been fixed in this update.

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