Document editing online with .net mvc



I am developing big Asp.Net mvc project

In this project one module is for document management.

Mostly comes doc and docx document some of predefine document template..

Feature I want

Create document, open existing document, save as document, merge field (token).

Please suggest me. if any inbuilt document editor with UI is available in the market.

I have already reviewd dev express rich text editor. but their support is not good.

Awaiting for your response.

Your suggestion is appreciable.




Hello Ja,

Thank you for your request. Our Assembly library can merge fields in the document but unfortunately it can’t create a document - it’s only work with existed document (open it and add/delete fields). For more info about our library and how to use it in the MVC project please check this article . Library and examples can be downloaded here .

Best regards.