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Document editor demo project issues in Java

Hi ,

I have downloaded the code from to run the sample application for Groupdocs editor . When I start the server after importing the project into Eclipse and launch the application it gives me an error for some files not found. I have attached the image showing the error in the console. It is not able to find js file residing in static folder but I do not see any static folder in git code.
Could you please check this and let me know if I am missing some import or dependencies to be downloaded.Untitled.png (67.3 KB)



We have logged this issue here. You can keep track of this link for further correspondence. However, as there’s any update, you’ll be notified here.

Hi Atir,

Any updates on this ?

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This issue is still in queue. Please note that we investigate the issues in first come first served basis. So, once there’s any progress on it. Your will be notified.