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Document not rendering properly


we are using groupdocs.Viewer( for application and we recently migrate the application from IE8 to IE11 but we are facing issues with some document rendering inappropriately .
Earlier we are using image based rendering but that is very slow when using in IE11.
so we introduce html based rendering method but with new implementation we encountering few new issues.
here's a list:
  • MS word : doesn't render correctly.
  • MS powerpoint files: Images are blurry.
  • Excel files: grid-lines are not visible.
  • Double page flip is not working properly.
Please follow the below link to get all sample document with error details.

the setting of groupdocs viewer is :

.UseHtmlBasedEngine(true) // newly added but generating error

Please suggest all possible way in details to fix these issues of Viewer in IE11.
do let me know we you need some further assist from my side.

Thanks in advance

Hello Puneet,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issues, We have tested both your documents with your code and latest Viewer - all rendered well. Please download latest Viewer here and try with it.

Don't forget to clean/rebuild your solution.

If the pptx file will be blurred - please share it with us because we have checked this issue with our example and it's not blurred.

Best regards.


Hello Puneet,

Thank you for the solution example. We have checked it and made some changes in your web.config file. Please find it attached.

Now your documents rendered well in the HTML mode:
word document

Please make sure that your solutions run with Viewer 2.14. Could be that the previous version is cached some where and used. Try to clean your project several times.

Thank you.