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Document of good practices to create a PDF to visualize



Cause the problems that we have had with some PDF documents, it’s very important for us and our clients if you can give us or create a simple document with ‘good practices’ of conversion to a PDF file.

It’s that possible? We appreciate that.




Hello Alexis,

Thank you for your request. Sorry but we have only these samples , they shows different variants of conversion. Unfortunately we don’t have a simple doc with “good practices”. If you will describe what exactly you want to see in it - we will prepare such document.

Best regards.


Perhaps I was not clear, but I didn’t mean about the conversion with your component, I was meaning about a document containing some characteristics that the PDF documents should have to be supported by the viewer.



Hello Alexis,

Thank you for the clarification. Generally we do all our best to support all possible pdf types. The pdf with whom you have had rendering issues are exceptional cases which was investigated individually. Also all your issues were because of bugs with our library. Since that we don’t have list of requirements for the pdf and all issues resolved via fixing of our library.

Best regards.