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Document Preview S3 bucket

Dear Team,

We are reviewing Group docs viewer for Java and right now it download document into temp folder on our server from S3 bucket and then preview. Suppose 50 user want to preview document and file size aprox 100MB then it consumes bandwidth and also takes so much time so this will not server our purpose.

Is there any option to preview document from s3 bucket directly as something cached on s3 bucket itself so that bandwidth issue and download time can be reduced.

I hope this is one time payment until we are not taking any support and use upgradtion version.

We are using Load balancer for our application and one stand alone VM for Group docs so that in case of auto scaling. It work. every time request for preview will come from our application to single VM server which have GroupDocs.

Please clarify in details as you know customer is keen to implement this functionality and it is necessary for this portal otherwise project will be closed.

So i request you to guide us as much as possible because in any failure case, we will be panalyzed.



Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer and sharing your concerns with us. GroupDocs.Viewer provides InputDataHandler interface that can be implemented to render the documents directly from external storages i.e. Azure, Amazon S3 etc. (see documentation). When using InputDataHandler, the API gets the stream of the requested file/document from the storage and process it to render the document pages without creating the file on your server where GroupDocs.Viewer is running. Furthermore, you can also maintain your cache on the external storage using ICacheDataHandler interface to avoid creating cache files on your server (see documentation).