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Document signing in .NET


I seem to be having trouble signing a document. I have attached the document to this request, one with a large name, one with a small name. They are both the same document and both fail to sign regardless of the name of the file.

I am using the latest version (v1.11.0) of the .NET SDK.

These errors appear in console relating to a font that is used by the groupdocs signing service. It occurs when I type in the signature then select the font from the carousel:

This screen is shown and then never completes:

Could you please test with the documents attached and let me know your results.


We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Currently we work on release of the next generation Signature library and we recommend you to wait for its release and try with it. Could be that this issue will be resolved in it and also we recommend to migrate because of the fact that the current Signature library will not be released any more.

Please be patient and we will notify you when the new Signature library will be available.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Could you please test the document and tell me why it is not working so that we can at least try to rectify the issue.

I understand you are working on new versions however we have not heard when this will be available and until it is ready we are still using the current version. We need this version to perform and the fact that it is simply failing to sign the document without explanation is unacceptable.



Hi Sam,

I have tested the Signature with your documents and all works well for me. Since that could you please provide more info about your project.
1. The type of the project - Web Forms, MVC etc.
2. FrameWork version.
3. Browser and its version.
4. Server type - Visual Studio, IIS etc
5. Code examples and screenshot of the issue

Thank you.


1. The type of the project - MVC ( targeting .NET framework 4.5)
2. FrameWork version - Latest Groupdocs .NET V 1.11.0
3. Browser and its version - Chrome Version 48.0.2564.109 m
4. Server type - IIS Express (Integrated pipeline)
5. Code examples and screenshot of the issue:

The error message is now saying “One or more errors occurred” every time I sign the document, screenshots are in the original post. I get this error 100% of the time using the documents I attached in the original post.

Just to make sure my code is ok, I am using the MVDDemo project included in your examples solution. This is using the latest groupdocs V1.11.0 and it is still failing with the error: “One or more errors occurred”, then nothing further happens. Here is a video of the error:


We are still having issues with this and other documents. I have provided as much information that I can and also replicated the problem in your Signature Demo, which is your code.

We would like to see this resolved and can assure you that we will not be moving to version 2 any time soon. We have paid our licensing for version 1 of the product and expect it to work.

Please respond


I have attached another file. This is causing the same issue, using your signature demo project as explained above.


Sorry for the delay. I was able to reproduce your issue - created a ticket for our Product team and they will resolve it. When I will get any news about it - I will notify you here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


We have investigated your document example more detailed and found out that it doesn’t have creation date - because of that you have such issue. To resolve the issue please set the CreationDate when you generate the pdf.

Best regards.