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Document viewer API sample project in ASP.NET MVC

I must admit, it is not clear how the basic toolbar that comes with viewer works or can be styled differently. I am interested in the MVC, ideally core example (which is not happening soon), the Resources folder is empty. What JS, CSS file sit in there.
Please don’t refer me to the documents, as there are none.
Some examples with actual client side scripts in them, unless are embedded in the dll?
I need to be able to look at the UI, once I converted a file in the viewe. Please.

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Please note that all the JS and CSS files are hosted here. When you build/run the project, npm is triggered and downloads all required files (modules, styles, etc). For your ease we have this guide on GroupDocs Angular app integration. Hope it will help.

Sorry for being a pain, but are there any client code in pure javascript without any Angular overhead?
Thank you.


I am afraid but we only have Angular based demo projects. Please note that API is UI-Independent, you can develop your own JS based front-end. However, we’ve logged a ticket on GitHub. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.


Please checkout this commit which uses latest jQuery implementation, before we moved to Angular or you can try this project it has built-in resources. Please note that jQuery project(s) is discontinued, so in case of any issues, we won’t be able to fix them.