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Document Viewer for .NET MVC UI Example - how do I enable/disable UI functionality?

Hi, I have cloned and got it running locally. I am trying to work out how to remove some buttons from the view? I cannot work out how to do this. What framework is used for the UI? I am used to working with Razor views, but not familiar with the code in the index.cshtml. I have tried searching for some classes and ids from the DOM but can’t find where this code is. Do I even need to do this or is there a way to pass some options of what functionality is required? There are some keys in the Web.config that look like they should enable/disable some functionality but these do not seem to be having any affect. We are using very old version of group docs; 2.19, so I am attempting to upgrade us, in this version you could control which buttons are displayed.

Thanks, would appreciate any help and steering in right direction. Tara


Please note that GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 20.x is UI-Independent, back-end API that could be integrated in any (new or existing) .NET project without any third party tool or software dependency.
Have a look at these open-source projects. You can create customized tool-bars or buttons in them.
You may find following resources helpful: