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Document viewer for .Net version 2.18 performance issue from removeoldentries method



we are using doument viewer(2.18) for .Net.
we are facing some performance degrade with this release.
I have intention that this could be due to method of remove old entries from Cache.
so we have decided to make seprate console application for removing old entries.
respective source codes are
cacheCleanFolderName = “cache_clean_log_” + (DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”)).Replace("-", “_”) + “.txt”;
cache.RemoveOldEntries(olderThan, Server.MapPath("~/CacheLog/" + cacheCleanFolderName)); //removing old entries.

please let us know that using cache.removeOldEntries does affect performance, specially when we store cache at some another server.



Hi Puneet,

Thank you for your request. Yes, you are right the removing old cache files can affect on the performance. To resolve the issue simply move this functional out from the page loading action and call it manually or on some special trigger.

Best regards.


Hi Pavel

thanks for the quick response.
Please also let me know does the remove old entries work asynchronously?



Thank you for the question. No, this method works synchronously.

Best regards.