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Document viewer shows incorrect position of images and characters in a DOCX file using .NET


I’ve been using the GroupDocs.Viewer and I found a strange bug in some .docx files.

When I tried to use the GroupDocs.Viewer to visualize a specific DOCX, the viewer rendered the page with some characters and images wrongly positioned.

I tried this on GroupDocs.Viewer 18.10 and also on the demo version of GroupDocs.Viewer on git hub(v. 20.4).

I’m attaching the file of the bug and the images showing the bug on v. 18.10, v. 20.4 and a image of the same page on the original file.

Version 18.10 evidence.png (51.2 KB)
Version 20.4 evidence.png (67.0 KB)
Word document image sample.png (61.7 KB)

Sample (86.3 KB)

Tks for your assistance!!!


Can you please confirm, which showcase project you are using? We’ll then investigate this issue accordingly.

Hello, sorry for that. The project is GroupDocs.Viewer-for-.NET-MVC i took on that GitHub link:

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We have logged this issue here. It’ll be now further investigated. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.

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