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Document viewer with annotation opens very slow



I have download groupdocs evaluation version for java.
But when i am selecting pdf document of 1.5 MB then its opening very very very slow.
My server and basepath specified in is in the same system.
i am using windows 7.

Can you please check this issue.
Because with this much slow i won’t be able to show to any client that we are using groupdocs viewer for annotation purpose.

Please download the document from



Hello, Shakti.

Thank you for interest in GroupDocs. Sorry to see you are facing this problem. We’ve downloaded your file and are investigating it at the moment. In the meantime, can you provide detailed info on the environment you are evaluating the GroupDocs.Annotation with? Please, specify hardware parameters of your machine, as well the Java version and the application server (servlet container) version if you use any.



My system OS is windows 7.
Java version is 1.7.0_40
HardDrive 900GB
Servlet container is Tomcat 7

Please update me quick.



Hi, Shakti.

Thank you for the detailed information about your system.
We made a broad performance testing of the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java library and confirmed the slow load of the document you provided. This problem was already reported to our developers and they already work on it. Sorry, for the inconvenience.



Can you please let us know if this ticket is closed.
And i can download any new version of Java groupdocs library.

Thanks & Regards,
Shakti Prasad Priyakumar


Hi, Shakti Prasad Priyakumar.

Sorry for delay. Unfortunately the issue is not resolved yet. Because of high load with other features that are going to be released in closest release our developers will work on this problem in the next release. So, it may last for another few weeks to address this issue. The new version that have to be released soon will contain other improvements, so, maybe document rendering will perform better as a side effect. Please, stay tuned.



Could you please let us know about the status of Java Version changes according to our requests.
Whether performance problem resolved for Java.


Hi Shakti,

Unfortunately this issue is not resolved yet. Developers are working on it. We hope to fix this bug in the next release. If you are interested we may provide you a beta-version when the issue is fixed, before the release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.