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DocumentInfo in CustomDataInputHandler



i’ve implemented a custom inputdatahandler for our dms using an uuid to identify the file. Loading and converting the documents using handler.getPages(uuid) works fine, but when i try to get the documentinfo using handler.getdocumentinfo(uuid), i get the following exception.

class guid should contain file extension
com.groupdocs.viewer.handler.ViewerHandler.getDocumentInfo(Unknown Source)

Hello ,

Could you please specify , which version of the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library you are using? Also could you please share with us your CustomInputDataHandler code .

We will wait for your details.


Best regards,
Evgen Efimov
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Any update on this? My evaluation license has expired and i only could work with dummy documents. no performance testing with jcr was possible… can you tell me, how long it will take to fix this?


VIEWERJAVA-1204: Unresolved ???


The issues you have found earlier (filed as VIEWERJAVA-1204) have been fixed in this update.

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thank you for the quick reply! We use the latest version of groupdocs.viewer (3.0.0). For the customhandler code, see the attached file!

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Hi Josef,

We are pleased to inform you that your issue has been fixed in GroupDocs.Viewer for Java upcoming release. But at the moment we cannot share release date. As we have any updates regarding release date, we will notify you.

Many Thanks


Hi Josef,

This issue will be fixed in the upcoming release. But, we don’t have any ETA about the release. As we have any updates, we will notify you.



Hi Josef,

Thanks for showing your interest in GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 3.0.0.

We are investigating your issue and shall get back to you shortly.
Stay tuned.

Best wishes .


Hi Josef,

We have logged your issue in our internal issue tracking system.
As we have any updates, we will inform you.

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is it possible to get a snapshot? we really have to make performace tests within our Evaluation!!

All the best, Josef



we wrote a workaround for this issue, so you don’t necessarily have to fix this.

Regards, Josef



I’ve updated groupdocs to version 3.2.0, the problem still exists.


Hi Josef,

The release is not on-board yet. As we get any update regarding new release, we will inform you.
We appreciate your patience.

Many Thanks


Hi Josef,

We are glad to hear this.

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Hi Josef,

Your mentioned issue has been logged in our Issue Tracking System. Once we have any information on it we will notify you here. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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every daily i have to say “nothing new about groupdocs”. please ask the concering team, how long this will be my answer :wink:

All the best, Josef



have you received any information?

all the best, josef


Hi Josef,

We appreciate your patience but unfortunately, we cannot speculate release date yet.

Kind Regards


Hi Josef,

Thank you for asking. Unfortunately not yet, when we will have any news for you we will notify you rapidly.

Best regards.