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Documents rendering issue using Viewer API in Java and Wildfly


We have problem with integrating GroupDocs.Viewer and our Java EE document application that is running on Wildfly server.

Multiple issues comes up in generated html:

  1. html contains double copyright text
  2. an extra empty panel is displaying on right side of slide

I’ve attached generated html of pptx file that we used as an example but we got similar behavior for other documents.

Environment: Windows 10, Java 8 and GroupDocs.Viewer 19.3 version, also tried with 19.8.1, 19.8.2, 19.8.3 and 19.11 versions but still got same results.

GroupDocs.Viewer-for-Java-Spring with 19.3 is functioning properly but when implemented within our application on Wildfly server the mentioned errors are displayed.

Could you please take a look at these issues and provide me some advice.

Thanks (2.4 MB)


Can you please attach the concerned files again? If file size is large, we’d recommend you to upload them on some cloud storage and then share link here.

Hi @atirtahir3

I’ve attached materials and fixed 2 of mentioned issues so I modified question.

Now remains only double text and side panel which is generated by viewer API, not sure why.

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Do you have a valid license? Don’t you get the evaluation mark if you run the application independently?

It seems that you are implementing/utilizing the API without license that is why there’s an evaluation watermark. The good thing is you can request a temporary license in order to evaluate all the API features. Please follow this (152.9 KB) in order to get the temporary license successfully. This will resolve your first issue. As far as second case is concerned, we see empty space/panel on both sides. That is something expected, have a look at this screenshot.JPG (19.3 KB).

Thanks for response,

We don’t have license but what’s unusual is that there are 2 generated overlaping watermarks not one like there should be. Is this usual case?

I’m aware of those side panels but what concern me is that in my example they are colored and visible like here:
overlapped_watermark_and_side_panel_visible.JPG (52.3 KB)
thumbnails.JPG (56.2 KB)

It’s visible even in thumbnails. Is there any explanation/fix for this since this is generated by viewer API?

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Can you please share a sample application (that implements API version 19.8.1) and steps to execute the application, we’d appreciate if you can share a screencast. We tried to reproduce the issue using 19.8.1 and these are the (2.9 MB) files (both image and html).


I’ve made simple demo project and here is screencast of application execution.

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Yes that is the expected behavior. If you look at your code, you set render comments to true. When you set this property to true, API shows the comments available in the source file in a colored side panel in the output file.
In order to test this, you can simply add some comments in the source file and those comments will be visible in the output HTML. Have a look at this screenshot.JPG (43.9 KB) and these output (3.5 MB). However, in order to avoid the colored side panel simply comment the below code:



Everything is fine now. Thank you so much!

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You are welcome.