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DOCX Comparison gives strange change placement in .NET

When comparing two versions of a document it showes changes on a page that are not there. (674.2 KB)

comparing v46 to v47 shows changes on page 6 that are actually on page 22


Thank you for your inquiry. In order to further investigate this issue at our end, we need following details from you:

  • What is platform of the API Java or .NET?
  • Share the API version you integrated in the project (e.g. 17.3.2, 18.3)

Hello @atirtahir3,
We are using .NET and version 18.3.0 of GroupDocs.Comparison.


Are you talking about the issue in indexing (paging)? Page indexing shows that some changes are (lets say, Integration mot Active Directory) on page 13 but when you explore the document you find out that changes are on some other page (on 14). As per this output document - (347.9 KB)

I’m not getting the same results which is strange (431.2 KB)


Can you please share the sample code using that we could reproduce same output at our end? Your cooperation shall be appreciated.


Sorry this is not a Groupdocs problem it’s the pdf converting that gets it wrong.


Good to know that your issue is resolved.