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DocX file with BarCode Fonts

I have a DocX file with a BarCode font in it. When it converts, it drops the font character.
I see that this may have been addressed in aspose.pdf for java:

But it does not appear to be fixed in GroupDocs.Conversion for .net. Do any of you have experience with this?

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Please share following details and we’ll look into this issue:

  • API version that you are using (e.g. 19.10, 20.7)
  • Sample conversion code
  • Problematic DOCX file
  • Resultant file

We are currently using GroupDocs.Conversion version 19.9. (15.5 KB)

The attached zip file shows what the before and after look like.

I will try to provide you with the inputs we are using for the code.

Here are the options that are being set:
Format=Tiff document format (tiff)
Compression=CCITT4 compression

I am seeing that there is some barcode logic, but I think it is in the java implementation. I am not sure if it will work in C#

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This issue is reproduced at our end. We’ve logged a ticket in our internal issue tracking system with ID CONVERSIONNET-4086 for further investigation. We’ll notify you as there’s any update.