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Docx => TIFF G3 shading options


When I convert the attached documents to TIFF G3 using the code below, there appears to be no shading in the conversion to monochrome. Is there an option that can be used to enable some sort of dithering or other shading technique?

If I instead convert the document to a TIFF LZW and then load and convert the document to G3 using our internal image optimization or via the Victor library, the results are very different and more consistent with what our QA department is expecting. I’ve attached the source documents, and output for each using both techniques.

var config = new ConversionConfig();

 var conversionHandler = new ConversionHandler(config);
 var imageSaveOptions = new ImageSaveOptions
    ConvertFileType = ImageSaveOptions.ImageFileType.Tiff,
    Grayscale = true,
    TiffOptions =
       Compression = TiffOptions.TiffCompression.Ccitt3
    HorizontalResolution = 203,
    VerticalResolution = 192,

using (var source = File.OpenRead(parameters.Source.File)) 
   using (var destination = File.OpenWrite(parameters.Target.File))
      using (var result = conversionHandler.Convert(source, imageSaveOptions))

To get the shaded results, I’m changing this line:
Compression = TiffOptions.TiffCompression.Ccitt3
to this line:
Compression = TiffOptions.TiffCompression.Lzw
and then converting the result to monchrome/G3 using another technique.

Again, hoping you have options to enable shading or other ideas.
Aspose Monochrome (210.4 KB)




Thank you for your inquiry. We tested this scenario at our end as well and this is still under investigation with ID: CONVERSIONNET-2533. We are looking into the possibility to add shading in the output image.
As we have any update, you shall be notified.


Thank you for taking a look.



You are welcome.



We have an update for you on CONVERSIONNET-2533. A feature that will enable shading option shall be available in next release of the API. As release gets on-board, we shall notify you.



We’d like to notify you that docx to tiff G3 shading option is improved in GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 18.5. Please download latest version.



I did some quick testing and it really looks much better. We probably won’t include it in our current full product release (just because of timing) but I hope to get it into our following service release.

Is there a SaveOption that influences this in any way or is this just the new way TIFF G3/4 will be done?

Thanks so much for getting this out.



We are further investigating this scenario, you shall be notified ASAP.