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Docx to PDF Conversion results more pages than original using .Net


We are facing an issue while converting docx to pdf file. The docx file have one page but the result pdf file have two pages. This issue is happening only in one of our servers. The conversion is working well in other machines.

Is there any machine specifications needed for Group docs to perform conversion without this issues?


Please share following details and we’ll investigate this scenario:

  • API version that you are using (e.g. 20.1, 22.5)
  • Sample conversion code or application
  • License type
  • Do you see an evaluation mark in resultant PDF?
  • Do you face this issue for a specific file?
  • Problematic Word file and resultant PDF

Please find the details
• Nuget Version 22.2.0
• Sample code

using (Converter converter = new Converter(inputFile))

  •        {
  •            PdfConvertOptions options = new PdfConvertOptions();
  •            converter.Convert(outputFile, options);
  •        }

• Developer OEM
• No Evaluation marks
• Yes we are currently facing issue for a single file
inputFile.docx (46.0 KB)
outputFile.pdf (67.3 KB)


Please also share the server details where you are facing this issue.

  • Server name and version
  • List of installed fonts on the server
  • Does the output generated on Windows and the output generated on your server has same font?

Server Name :

Windows server 2019 Data Center

Installed Fonts in Server

fonts.png (44.3 KB)

Yes there is font difference in the output generated from server and my local windows machine. Its coming correctly in my local machine but there is a change in the output pdf generated from the server.
ex : the value June 8 changed to June 7.

OutputFromLocalWindowsMachine.pdf (97.2 KB)


Please make sure that the source file’s font is available on your server as well (just like it’s available on your local machine). It’s been observed that your Word file has Garamond font. Please install that on your server as well and let us know if issue persists.

Hi @Atir_Tahir,

Installing Garamond font in the server worked. now the pdf file is only one page. But there is a change in date value on the result pdf. June 10 in the docx file changed to June 9 in the result pdf file.


We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-5281. We’ll notify you in case of any update.