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Docx to PDF conversion returns more number of pages using Java


We are using groupdocs-conversion-17.12 for docx to pdf conversion. We have noticed that converted pdf contains more number of pages than original docx file, also line numbers have changed. We need both line numbers and pages in converted pdf as same as original document.

Please suggest if there is any known issue/fix for this?



Thank you for your inquiry.
In order to investigate this issue at our end, we need following details:

  • Tell us GroupDocs.Conversion API family (.NET or Java) you’re working on?
  • Share source and output files with us (187.0 KB)


We are using GroupDocs.Conversion Java family for conversion.
Please find attached zip file containing input (docx) and output (pdf) files.

Radha Krishna


We’d recommend you to integrate latest version of the API 18.7 in your project in order to get right output. You can also clone our updated example project managed as per v18.7 code changes.
Output generated using GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 18.7 - (125.4 KB)

Hi @atirtahir3,

Even with 18.7 we are observing that number pages are more in the converted document. Please find attached docx (25 pages) and corresponding converted pdf (27 pages).

Also, we have observed that Chinese text is not coming properly instead it is coming as ???
You can observe the same in the attachment.

Radha Krishna

Small doc bullets pics tables chinese text - 25 (3.8 MB)
Small doc bullets pics tables chinese text - 25 (3.3 MB)


We’re unable to reproduce both of your issues at our end, using this example project and 18.7 version of the GroupDocs.Conversion for Java API. Please see the converted document in attachment.

In order to further investigate the issue, we’re required following details from you:

  • Java version
  • IDE/Eclipse version
  • Operating system
  • Code you are using for conversion

SampleDoc.docx.pdf (3.5 MB)