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DOCX to PDF Conversion with Docx bookmarks in C#

Hello, we are using Groupdoc Conversion 20.6.0 nuget package for dotnet c# and come across an issue with docx-files that contain bookmarks in the docx footer. For some reason, the conversion duplicates the bookmark. Is there an option to not touch anything of docx-bookmarks in the file?
When trying to debug, i also tried the free cloud converter that you offer on https://products.groupdocs.app/nl/conversion/word-to-pdf and there, the document can’t even be converted.

In our c# solution, we can convert without errors but receive unwanted footer content in the resulting PDF.

Can you help us please?
thanks a lot

edit: see the docx and resulting pdf file in attachment
Thermo original - Copy.docx (579.4 KB)
Thermo original - result.pdf (1.0 MB)


Please have a look at this output.pdf (990.5 KB). Does it look ok to you? If this PDF still has issues, could you please point them out (using a screenshot)?

Hi, tnx for your reply, yes this is a correct conversion. The issue is on the bottom of the second page (and next pages).

My conversion shows “- Versie 1 vanversiedatum versiedatum -” while yours, and the DOCX only shows “- Versie 1 van versiedatum -” which is correct.

How did you fix this?


Please use latest version of the API.

Ok tnx, it seems we will have to upgrade our license then

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Yes, if the license expiry date is less than the latest API release date.