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Does GroupDocs.Comparison support image comparing for .NET


I am working on a project that compares two pdfs and I done this using your API temporary license version. It compares perfectly when pdfs are text based and if I use pdf that has images or graphs the content gets all over the place. Is there any option in the API to compare images and graphs as well.

Waiting for your reply.

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Thank you for taking interest in GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET and posting your concerns. Can you please share the problematic files (PDF with images or graphs) with us? We shall further investigate them at our end and let you know about the outcomes.
Furthermore, please tell that which version of the API you are evaluating (e.g. 18.6, 18.5, 18.4)?


The files are attached and I’m using 18.6 version. By your reply I assume the API do support image comparison am I correct?

File named SampleKIID1 contains graph
SampleKIID1.pdf (154.0 KB)

Doc1.pdf (192.6 KB)
Doc2.pdf (193.0 KB)


Yes, you are right. API supports all type of PDF documents (PDF with images/graphs/clip arts content etc).
We investigated this issue at our end. Comparison of Doc1.pdf and Doc2.pdf is a scrambled/strange output. Attached is the output file - result-.pdf (152.8 KB)
Are you facing same result at your end?
We’ve logged this issue in our internal issue tracking system with ID:COMPARISONNET-1619. It’s under investigation. As we have any update on it, we shall notify you.
For comparison of a PDF with graphical content, please share both source and target PDFs with us.


Yes that is exactly what I’m getting.
These are the two files with just slight change in the year of the graph.
SampleKIID1.pdf (154.0 KB)
SampleKIID2.pdf (177.0 KB)

This is the result file I got:
comparisonResult.pdf (241.7 KB)

One more favor I would need is why the layout of the file gets completely change in the result file. Is it possible to keep the layout same as it was in the original file


Thanks for sharing the required documents. This issue is reproduced at our end as well. Hence, it has been logged with ID:COMPARISONNET-1620.

We are also investigating this behavior, you shall be notified as we have any update.


Thanks for keeping me aware of the situation. Will be waiting for the update.


You are welcome.