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Does GroupDocs editor support VISIO files?

I see the demo from this link and wonder does GroupDocs.Editor provide any component like this?

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GroupDocs.Editor doesn’t support Visio file(s) editing. We’ve logged an investigation (to see if such a file format could be supported) in our internal issue tracking system with ID EDITORNET-1969. You’ll be notified as there’s any update.
However, you can check Aspose.Diagrams on-premises API (.NET or Java).


We’ve an update on your request. Visio (VSD more specifically) is a vector-based format for storing shapes, diagrams, charts, flowcharts etc. API couldn’t edit such files in a browser. Please note that GroupDocs.Editor is a server-based UI-less API, so it obtains a file as input, transforms it internally and returns to the client-side (browser).