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Does GroupDocs Editor supports word and PDF content editing

We have word document and want to open word document in the browser, So that user can edit and then save the document. we want to implement this editor in angular 12 app. We have license for Aspose.Word already.

We have contacted ASPOSE and they redirected me towards GroupDocs.
Also Is it possible to use Aspose license with GroupDocs?


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Firstly, please note that both Aspose.Words and GroupDocs.Editor APIs are UI-Agnostic. However, they can interact with any third party HTML WYSIWYG editors (e.g. CKEditor or TinyMCE) to edit the documents.

How GroupDocs.Editor Works?

  • Pass the source file to the API
  • API translates the document to HTML/CSS markup with resources, that is compatible with HTML WYSIWYG editors
  • Forward/pass the translated content to the HTML editor (to the UI - you have to develop this part on your own using any JS framework)
  • Make changes/editing
  • Pass content back to the API
  • API will convert the modified/updated content back to the supported file format

Please go through this Edit Document article and these open source applications (MVC and Web Forms).

Aspose.Words follow pretty much same process. The scenario is below:

  • Pass the document to the API
  • Aspose.Words converts it into the html code at back-end
  • Pass the converted content to WYSIWYG editor (front-end)
  • Aspose.Words converts back the html from UI (editor) into the document

We have free document editing web apps for your reference:

These apps are open-source:

As mentioned earlier, both APIs are UI-Agnostic. However, you can develop your own UI based on your needs in any JS framework.
As far as server side compatibility is concerned, GroupDocs.Editor works with Java and .NET and Aspose.Words works with .NET, Java, C++ and Python.