Does GroupDocs.Search support arabic?

Does GroupDocs.Search support arabic?

I want to search for arabic text.

Is there any help please ?

about the supported language in GroupDocs.Search

We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): SEARCHNET-3131

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You first need to enable Arabic indexing.

var index = new Index(@"../../../../Index");
// Enable indexing of Arabic letters
index.Dictionaries.Alphabet.SetRange(Enumerable.Range(0x0610, 11).ToArray(), CharacterType.Letter);
index.Dictionaries.Alphabet.SetRange(Enumerable.Range(0x0620, 74).ToArray(), CharacterType.Letter);
index.Dictionaries.Alphabet.SetRange(Enumerable.Range(0x066E, 102).ToArray(), CharacterType.Letter);
index.Dictionaries.Alphabet.SetRange(Enumerable.Range(0x06D5, 8).ToArray(), CharacterType.Letter);
index.Dictionaries.Alphabet.SetRange(Enumerable.Range(0x06DF, 10).ToArray(), CharacterType.Letter);
index.Dictionaries.Alphabet.SetRange(Enumerable.Range(0x06EA, 19).ToArray(), CharacterType.Letter);

// Indexing

// Search
var result = index.Search("شجرة");
Console.WriteLine("Occurrences: " + result.OccurrenceCount);

// Highlighting occurrences in the text
if (result.DocumentCount > 0)
    var outputAdapter = new FileOutputAdapter(OutputFormat.Html, @"../../../../Highlight.html");
    var highlighter = new DocumentHighlighter(outputAdapter);
    index.Highlight(result.GetFoundDocument(0), highlighter);

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