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Does Groupdocs.Viewer for .Net support password protected files



Just wanted to know if Groupdocs.Viewer supports password protected files? or is there any way we can render password protected file using Groupdocs.Viewer?



Hello Vijendra,

Thank you for the question. Sorry but currently GroupDocs.Viewer doesn’t support such feature but we have this feature in our road map for future implementation. When this feature will be released we will notify you.

Thank you.


Hi Pavel,

Is it possible to show a friendlier message?
Today the viewer is showing the message that can be seen in the attachment.



hello Juan,

Thank you for the request. You can show your own error messages. For this you should do next:

1. Set “EnableStandardErrorHandling” widget property to false to disable stand errors messages
2. Create your own error handler which will show appropriate errors messages by overriding this class

Thank you.