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Does GroupDocs Viewer supports lazy loading?

Hi Team,

Does group docs viewer support lazy loading? I am having which has more than 30,000 pages.

What is your maximum support on document size and page numbers?


With GroupDocs.Viewer you can render any number of pages in any order. There is on limitation on document size and page numbers.

Hi @vladimir.litvinchik,

Does it support lazy loading?


Please clarify what do you mean by “lazy loading”? Can you please provide some example?

Hi @vladimir.litvinchik,

If document contains more no of pages.

Lazy loading is the practice of loading expensive resources on-demand . This can greatly reduce the initial startup time for single page web applications. Instead of downloading all the application code and resources before the app starts, they are fetched just-in-time, as needed.

If the document load takes some time. To avoid that the time inefficency, Viewer document first 10 or 20 or 100 page first. on demand such as scroll or search it loads the respective page.


Yes, loading pages on demand is supported. When we’re talking about Viewer UI you can specify the number of pages to load on each request to the server. Can you please clarify what demo project are you evaluating, so I could show how it can be configured?