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Does the annotation view support readonly mode?


I mean we want the annotations be displayed, but do not allow user add or change them.

Indeed, I just want the “Viewer” can display annotations, even with a toggle button, is it possible?



Thank you for your request. Sorry but from your request is not clear for which platform you need it. Since that please share with us which platform do you use?

In case that you use GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET you can do that in next way: you should set “User rights” for this user. You can do that with this code: .AccessRights(Groupdocs.Common.AnnotationReviewerRights.CanView)
This code should be added to the GroupDocs.Annotation widget.

In case that you use GroupDocs.Annotation for Java you can do that in next way: use this code AccessRights.CAN_VIEW in the widget.

In case that you need it for cloud Api (you use GroupDocs cloud service and the annotation embeded via iframe to your webpage) you should do it in next way:
use “AddAnnotationCollaborator($userId, $fileId, $ReviewerInfo)” method from the Annotation class.

As for viewing document with annotations via Viewer - sorry but viewer will view only document and annotations will be ignored.


Thank you for reply. So I give up the viewer.

But for the annotation, I did plan to call the REST api to get the url to annotation the pdf, but then with that url, anyone can access it, and change annotations on it, it’s ok. but what I care, is that is there a way to convert such the annotated pdf into a pdf which include the annotations but which was hardcoded so your viewer can view the annotations as pdf content rather than annotations? one workaround way is to print the pdf with annotations into a pdf, but Is there any api I can rely to do that?



Thank you for coming back. Sorry but our api will parse annotations from the document if you will export it via our service. So the only way to do that is as you mentioned - print document to pdf and then upload it.