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Does the API support comparing multiple documents with track changes in .NET?

I am looking for a product which can compare multiple word document with track changes enabled so that the user can see changes from multiple authors and accept and reject using word.

Example scenario:
master.docx - This is the source document with some content.

Copy of the above document is created and sent to multiple users as below
editor1.docx - Some changes made by editor 1.
editor2.docx - Some changes made by editor 2.

Now I need a output file which compare the editor1.docx and editor2.docx with master.docx.
The output should comply with following
1. Changes made by both users should be reflected in the output file.
2. The changes should reflect with track changes and who made it
3. I should able to accept / reject changes using word built in feature.


Hi Yuvaraj,

Thank you for showing your interest in GroupDocs.Comparison API.

Currently you can compare two files at a time using GroupDocs.Comparison API.

For comparing and merging output into a single file with all change tracking according to editors and accept/reject changes in final output file feature, we will look into details for such feature or workaround and will update you here.

Please also see complete features details here.

Thank you for your patience.

Warm Regards,

Can you share a sample which can compare two files and gives a output file with track changes?

Will I be able to compare a two files one with track changes and another one without track changes?


Hi Yuvaraj,

Apologies for a delayed response.

The concerned team member is working on your request and will soon update you in this thread.

Warm Regards

Hi Yuvaraj,

Please find below some useful resources to quickly get started with GroupDocs.Comparison API.

Downlaod GroupDocs.Comparison API:
GroupDocs.Comparison Docs:
GroupDocs.Comparison Examples:
GroupDocs.Comparison Videos:

If you will need any help or you will have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Warm Regards