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DotNet Example will not function

I’m very interested in evaluating the DocViewer, but cannot get the sample application to run. I’ve restored all NuGet packages, but continue to get the following message when I build: “This project references NuGet packages that are missing on this computer…”.

I can see that all required packages do, indeed, exist locally. As a result of the above, all of the assemblies are perceived to be missing.

Are you able to help. The DocViewer product looks promising for my needs.

Hi Stephens,

Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

Please don't forget to enable NuGet Packages Restore option to download/add the missing packages/references after loading the project in Visual Studio. In case you are using Visual Studio 2015 or greater, please remove the tags mentioned in this screenshot from the project file (.vbproj or .csproj) and then reload the project. Hope it helps.

Warm Regards

Thanks for the quick response.

Unforunately, the example code in GitHub does not have a project file (

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your response.

The Example folder contains two solutions, one is for the examples in C# and the other is in VB. If you further open GroupDocs.Viewer.Examples.CSharp/GroupDocs.Viewer.Examples folder then you will be able to find GroupDocs.Viewer.Examples.CSharp.csproj file there. Similarly, you can find GroupDocs.Viewer.Examples.VisualBasic.vbproj in GroupDocs.Viewer.Examples.VisualBasic folder. Please check and share your feedback with us.

Warm Regards

…sorry to be so “slow”. I’m a guest on this machine and file extensions were not visible.

I’m now up and running. Thanks for your help!


Hi Tom.

No worries. You are always welcome.

Warm Regards