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Download file button - HTTPS


So I have the download file button displayed and I also have my application path set using https but when you click the download file button it throws an error because it attempts to contact the server for file using http which makes the browser give a console error saying it blocked the connection as insecure since I am using https.

I would expect it to use the application path I specified along with the protocol. Am I doing something wrong?


Hello Matt,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. From your request is hard to figure out the issue reason. Since that could you please share with us an example of the button code and more info about the project (project type, version of the GroupDocs product etc.).

Also will be very helpful if you share with us code of the GroupDocs widget and describe how your use case that we can reproduce it.

Thank you.


I am using the .NET Viewer

I am not sure what you mean by button code? The jquery widget property showDownload is set to true which makes the download button show.

My application uses HTTPS. The $.ui.groupdocsViewer.prototype.applicationPath is also defining the protocol as HTTPS in the url that is set as the value.

But when you click the download button it attempts to make an HTTP call to download the file which causes an error.


Hello Matt,

Thank you for coming back. We have checked it and all works well for us. First of all please update the Viewer library. Also make sure that you have set the application URL with HTTPS protocol in the project settings, for example as shown on this screenshot.

For more info about configuring the HTTPS please check this documentation for how to configure the IIS to use HTTPS.

Thank you.