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Download file with watermark


Hello Team,

Is it possible to download file that has added watermark on it?
I can see there is an option to print with watermark, but downloaded document doesn’t have it.

Watermark(string watermarkText,
Color? watermarkColor = null, WatermarkPosition watermarkPosition = WatermarkPosition.Diagonal, float watermarkWidthInPercents = 0f, bool printWithWatermark = false);<o:p></o:p>

Thank you.


Hello Deric,

Thank you for the request. To download document with the watermark you should set printWithWatermark = true and .DownloadPdfFileIfPossible(true)

Best regards.


Hi Pavel,

Thank you for your help, I have managed to enable download with watermark.
But there is a problem with layout - orientation and watermark size is changed after download.
Could you please review this project with latest dll and let me know how it can be fixed?
I have also attached screenshots of this problem.



Just following up on this. Let me know if you can issue a ticket. Thanks!


Hi Deric,

Sorry for the delay. We have fixed the issue and this fix will be available in the Viewer 2.18.0. I will notify you when this version will be released.

Best regards.