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Drupal Annotation module


I have a problem with the Annotation module for Drupal I can't see my files or upload a new one
I just keep receiving this error:

"PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /var/www/drupal-pdf/sites/all/libraries/groupdocs-php/APIClient.php on line 135". And when I install and restart Apache, it gives me an error:

"Please, fill in correctly Client Login and Client Password on 'GD Annotation' configuration page."

Can you please let me know the issue and resolve it


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We’re sorry that you had issues while integrating the GroupDocs Annotation module with Drupal. The error that you see typically appears when curl extension is disabled in PHP. To complete the integration process, you must enable the curl extension.

We’ve a useful link that will help you with this:

Also, please follow the instructions given below in our online help that explains the process from installation to using the GroupDocs Annotation plugin with Drupal.

Please get back to us if you still have any issues.

Best regards,
Vipin Thomas, GroupDocs Support