Duplicate redaction replacement text in RTF document

When I redact rtf file attached I am getting the replacement text 3 times though there is only one word is in the document. Please remove .pdf extension from file names as it can’t be uploaded with .rtf extension.

Redaction test details:
Original file: One Two Three Four Pattern_Feb14th_001.rtf.pdf (23.5 KB)
Redacted file: redacted-file.rtf.pdf (943.9 KB)

Groupdocs redaction version: 21.12

void redactRtfDuplicates() throws Exception {
    try (InputStream indoc = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/One Two Three Four Pattern_Feb14th_001.rtf");
                    OutputStream outDoc = Files.newOutputStream(new File("redacted-file.rtf").toPath());
                    Redactor redactor = new Redactor(indoc)) {
        redactor.apply(new RegexRedaction("ALWPG5809L", new ReplacementOptions("[Secret]")));
        RasterizationOptions ro = new RasterizationOptions();
        redactor.save(outDoc, ro);
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Is this issue resolved in any version?


This issue is resolved in API version 23.3.