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.DWG file and Formula not preview in excel File


Dear Team,

I am not able to preview .dwg file using group docs also I am using AutoCAD 2004.

And also get one more issue when preview excel then formula is not showing.

Please also find the attachment of both files.

Please help…
Subhash Karn


Hello Subhash,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET and thank you for providing these files. We’ve checked all of them.

1. “architectural_-annotation_scaling_and_multileaders.dwg" - this file is a DWG 2007 file actually, you can find its internal version “AC1021” when opening with notepad, for example. At this moment GroupDocs.Viewer supports only DWG 2004; we already have support of all other versions in the roadmap, but it is not implemented yet.

2. "visualization
-_conference_room.dwg” - this file is a DWG 2010 (internal version - “AC1024”). As with the previous, it is not supported at this moment.

3. “ASCEND&OneStop Performance tracker.xlsx” - this Excel file contains 4 tabs, and we were not able to detect distortions or other issues while viewing it. GroupDocs.Viewer shows content of all tabs properly in both image-based and HTML-based modes. We suggest to use HTML-mode, because it is much more suitable for Excel documents. The image-mode splits document onto distinct pages, pulls apart their content, and shows all tabs one after another like pages, not the tabs. If we missed something, please emphasize this with more detailed description and screenshot, what exactly is wrong and where.




Thanks for your reply.
But i have convert a file in 2004 version and also upload and preview but result is same.

please provide solution ASAP.

also find the tow attachment. One is 2004 version dwg file and another is erro message.


Hello Subhash,

Thank you for providing us the file “5569f126-0868-4f6c-ba4a-cc519c8d5244.dwg”. We checked its version - it is AC1015 (AutoCAD DWG 2000 format). It is also not supported at this moment. Only the DWG 2004 format is supported at this moment.

You can check all these DWG files by yourself in order to make sure that they have inappropriate format version. Just open them in the notepad and check the the first six characters. You will see “ACxxxx”, where xxxx - four digits. This mark holds the actual version in the internal format. And here you can collate the internal version with “public” version.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.


We are not able to view excel files with formulas as shared in above post so respond with the same ASAP.


Hello Subhash,

We double checked an “ASCEND&OneStop Performance tracker.xlsx” Excel file, which contains 4 tabs, using the latest version of the GroupDocs.Viewer, and can definitely say that all is basically okay, especially when the most suitable HTML-based rendering mode is enabled (".UseHtmlBasedEngine(true)" method). The 3 screenshots/attachments are below.

The only thing we noticed is that GroupDocs.Viewer doesn’t show the red, green and yellow arrows, which are present in the original document on the first and second tabs (third screenshot). Is it what you wanted to tell us or there is something else?

Thanks and waiting for your reply.