Dynamic section Template


We have requirement that template should take care of dynamic sections. Let say a person worked for 3 companies in last years, we want to have all the information in one document

Employer Period
Employer1 02/15 - 06/15
Employer2 07/15 - 12/15
Employer3 01/16 - 12/16

Can we use macro in Word to have a loop, and the groupdocs iterate the list we are sending.What is your recommendation?



Sorry for the delay. You can try to use such logic:
1. Upload the document with merge fields
2. Get all fields from the document
3. Fill them with user data
4. Download or view the results.

For how to do that you can check our live demo sample . Also document example with merge fields is attached to the demo sample as well as the source code of it.

Best regards.



I couldn’t not find example for the scenario.

I found something similiar in grouddocs assembly .net


Is this possible in Groupdocs Cloud?




Thank you for coming back. Unfortunately no, such approach can be used only with our stand alone GroupDocs.Assembly library.

Best regards.